[Gllug] gaim uninstall/reinstall problem

Formi formi at sdf-eu.org
Fri Feb 6 16:11:01 UTC 2004

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Will Napier wrote:

> I tried to install a Redhat security update. Being a newbie, I knew I
> had to do the equivalent of uninstall first. I had read that you just ahd
> to remove the relevant gaim files. Doing a search showed a fair few files,
> and I removed (rm command) the gaim binary executable (a purple square
> diamond icon) and a file called gaim.desktop. I then rpm'd the redhat
> security update, and it said it needed three files, one of which was
> htmlview. After not being able to download these from rpmfind.com, I
> decided to rpm the original mandrake 9.2 rpm for gaim .75. It said that it
> was already installed. But typing gaim in the command line didn't work.
> How can I get out of this all too typical newbie experience of linux and
> at least return to using the mandrake rpm for gaim .75? I guess I have to
> uninstall but what does this mean? Grateful thanks.
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 The easy way:


 go there and select the mirrors you want and you will be provided with
 exact command lines to add the sources with urpmi.

 The minimum you need is main and updates.

 Once you have them, just do "urpmi gaim" and it will go fetch and update
 gaim to the latest release, as of yesterday that will be gaim-0.75-1.2.92mdk

 Then from time to time do a "urpmi.update main updates"

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