[Gllug] Avanto

Alan Peery peery at io.com
Sun Feb 8 10:27:07 UTC 2004

Peter Adamson wrote:

> Is anyone here using the latest verion of avantgo on their palm?

Yes, just upgraded.

> I'm having a spot of bother with syncing mine on Linux.

I am seeing the same timeouts syncing through Windows.   I think they 
have cut down a parameter on their server.  I used to be able to synch 
the entire set of info from the BBC AvantGo channel, but recently only 
the first 6-7 "sections" have updated.  This means that just about the 
time I hit the tech section, I start running across pages that failed to 

I've not yet tried getting MalSync running on my Linux box, since the 
Palm (actually a Clie TG50) will be syncing with a Windows PC at work, 
and I can pick up my news there.


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