[Gllug] Gaim setup - yahoo & msn

Chanka Perera cperera at virtusa.com
Thu Feb 5 11:40:16 UTC 2004

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> Subject: [Gllug] Gaim setup - yahoo & msn
> Hi, long shot, but does anyone know how to setup Gaim for msn 
> and yahoo? 
> I have just successfully done so for icq, because there are 
> instructions 
> on the gaim site for that. What would the screenname and 
> alias (in gaim 
> terms) be (in yahoo and msn terms)? Thanks for any help
for msn and yahoo you have to use latest software of gaim 0.75 .. try that and let me know if you have any problems in connecting ...

Chanka Perera
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