[Gllug] Hotmail's new "Caller ID for email" ... what is this?

Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Wed Feb 25 14:46:58 UTC 2004

Nice of them to publish the specs ONLY as bloody Word documents ...  I
thought this was the new thoughtful secure Microsoft, not the bad old
$40bn pound gorrilla.

The problem with schemes which authorize the sender is that it's
solving the _old_ spam problem - where messages were sent through ISPs
who didn't care less.  But the _new_ spam problem is the half a
billion infected Windows boxes sending out spam all day, with the user
oblivious to what's going on.  The worms will just be changed to send
out the same old spam with a true 'From' address, and we'll be no
nearer to filtering out this rubbish.


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