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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Alistair Mann wrote:

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> Thus spaketh Christopher Hunter on Sunday 08 February 2004 7:22 pm:
> > In common with many retail outlets, they pay their staff a pittance,
> > provide little or no training, and demand long hours.  This results in a
> > rapid turnover of poorly motivated, ignorant staff.
> True.
> > The equipment they
> > sell is largely overpriced rubbish - ever tried a "Packard Bell" computer?
> I'm regularly asked to fix PBs and they're so bad I considered charging more
> for the brand! For instance, some of them hard disk drives that are much
> longer than normal drives, and flatter with it, so one could simply swap in a
> new drive of the standard (ie, cheap) format.

  As a lot of people know my flatmate has one of these pieces of ****, aka
 PB Silver One, about 2 years and 2 months old.

  The most annoying problem has been with the dvd reader, just 2 weeks
 before the 1 year warranty endend, it stopped working. Basically it
 wouldn't recognize anything put on the tray. The device was a Pioneer, I
 searched the model number with google, only 2 results, one of them

  So he phoned PC World, and the laptop was shipped to NEC in Germany,
 exactly 1 year later, same thing happens again.

  PCcrap wanted 140+ ukp to replace it, so I finally went to the fairs and
 got a Toshiba.

  Another thing, I told him not to keep the battery inside the laptop as
 it is always used plugged to the mains. It lasted 4 months. Now the
 battery has charge for about 3 minutes.

  The biggest annoyance is: I did tell him to ask me before buying the
 laptop, I would have never recommended a PB and much less PCcrap.

  At least I don't have one.

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