[Gllug] Inland Revenue - proprietary formats

Alain Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 10:51:39 UTC 2004


This morning I received a copy of the 2004 employer's CDROM.

It contains instructions on how to use it for M$ and Mac users, I could not
find anything for Linux users. I have written & asked where to find instructions
to: helpdesk at ir-efile.gov.uk

When they write back to say that there are non and Linux is not supported I shall
complain - ending up with a formal complaint as to how the government is disadvantaging
me by forcing me to buy something that I do not what as I use a perfectly good alternative.

What makes this interesting is that I remember reading a few days ago[**] that the linux
desktop has now overtaken the Mac -- so when they say that Linux has no market share
I shall point that out to them.

The main issue is, of course, open formats.

Most of you are employed, borrow the CD and attempt to use it in your Linux box and
then write in & complain. Unless we do this sort of thing, the guys in govt won't
change their ways.


[**] - can't find the link now, can anyone remember ?

Alain Williams

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