[Gllug] Firewall setup Routing

Richard richard_c at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 7 14:59:55 UTC 2004

Simon Perry wrote:

> Any idea who I should talk to at Smoothwall if what you say above is 
> the case? When I called them to discuss requirements I was told that 
> even the commercial offering (I don't mind paying) only supports a 
> single red interface that previously they have configured aliases for 
> routing to multiple IPs to servers on the Orange where no firewall or 
> NAT takes place. Their suggestion, which surprised me, was to use two 
> Smoothwall Express boxes and apply static routes to each workstation.

I stand corrected. I believed they had "multiple red interfaces" 
working, but I read:
- Fail-over (manual) to alternative Internet Connection (Control page 
button, eg Ethernet to PPP/ISDN))
Which seems as close as they got. I do think their suggestion is 
particularly bizarre though. Maybe just hacking on an IPCop distro is 
the way to go then.

My apologies for the red-herring.

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