[Gllug] Network / Rack Diagramming

Richard richard_c at tpg.com.au
Fri Jul 9 10:07:44 UTC 2004

Dean wrote:

>I've recently come up against the hurdle that is known as Visio. My
>needs ain't exactly huge, I'd like to do logical (database replication
>and scp's) and physical diagrams that allow me these key features:
I was looking at something like this, and I ended up looking at dot 
notation. There's a whole bunch of tools to create graphs, and the 
format is simple text (which is good, because I was scripting the input 
from a bunch of other files using Perl). If I were going to go further 
I'd try rdf (perhaps including rdfxml) because there are more and more 
tools coming out to work with the format, but the syntax is more work..

Visio was my end target, but I ruled out using it for development for 
reasons of bloat, Windows only-ness (my data lives on a bunch of UNIX 
servers), and platform lock-in. I decided to find something that could 
trivially be changed to SVG, for which there are many viewers/editors 
about (including Visio if memory serves). Dot format has many tools to 
convert it to almost anything, RDF maps trivially to dot.

However, yesterday's conversation on YAML got me curious about tools to 
work with the format, creating graphs, pictures, etc. So I'd shortlist 
to RDF and YAML (dot is not terribly flexible).

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