[Gllug] Mplayer , linux 2.6 and Matrox cards

Amias Channer gllug at amias.org.uk
Wed Jul 14 14:42:36 UTC 2004

Hello peeps ,


I've been trying to build the matrox backend scalar driver (mga_vid)
from the MPlayer sources on a linux 2.6.7 kernel (FC2) and it aint even
getting close.

The problem seems to be that this driver is not ready for the new module
infrastructure of the 2.6 series kernels as the documentation refers to
mga_vid.o ( and the 2.6 modules seem to be .ko ) .

The mailing lists for mplayer-matrox seems to be dead and the other
mailing lists seem to be in hungarian . Whilst this has given me an
interesting insight into the world of the non-english speaking linux
user , i still want to make it work. I have only 450mhz at my disposal
and the this would make film watching a lot more possible.

My questions are these:

1. Has anyone got this combination working or anything similar ?
2. Can anyone read hungarian ?
3. Have i missed some FAQ entry on this somewhere ?

Thanks in advance

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