[Gllug] X terminal or diskless workstation - views?

Dan Kolb dankolb at ox.compsoc.net
Mon Jul 26 15:39:07 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 04:24:10PM +0100, John Winters wrote:
> Having got my little Mini-ITX box booting over the LAN I'm torn between
> two different ways of configuring it - X terminal (logging in to the
> server) or diskless workstation.  Anyone any views on pros and cons of
> the two approaches?

An X terminal would be better if you have a fast network, a beefy server, and a
fairly poor box (CPU-wise) to use as your terminal. If you have a decent enough
processor (and a mini-ITX would be more than enough), I'd personally go via the
diskless route.

> Can one have sound on an X terminal (driven by apps running on the X
> client machine)?

I think that esd and artsd have support for playing sounds on a remote server,
although I haven't tried. You could, of course, just get long speaker cables

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