[Gllug] wireless print server

Andy McGarty andy at mac1systems.com
Thu Jul 15 11:31:52 UTC 2004

> I'm looking for the following thing.  I don't know if it exists - anyone
> got any suggestions/recommendations?
> * wireless print server
> * 802.11g (pref) or 802.11b (ok)
> * acts as wireless access point (not necessarily as router/firewall)
> * printer plugs straight into it via parallel port
> * printer available to windows boxes (via normal printer sharing in
>   windows, no special software) and to linux boxes (via lpd/cups)
What about a standard network print server AND a standard AP and plug the 
printer server into the ethernet port of the AP?  Or put a hub in between 
to allow people without wireless but with ethernet to connect too?

Then you just need to ensure the print server works with windows and linux!

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