[Gllug] GPS and News servers

Xander D Harkness gllug at harkness.co.uk
Mon Jul 19 17:27:19 UTC 2004

A couple of questions this evening :-)

I have a news server that I am able to access from home; however I want 
to be able to access the news server remotely.  Is there any news proxy 
software or similar facility I could use?

I have just purchased a Garmin GPS etrex and while many people have 
stated that it is the best supported and there is lots of software for 
it.  It seems that that  there is a wealth of software available; 
however many of the maps were very US orientated.  Rather than fight my 
way through I thought it may be prudent to ask for recommendation for 
software that they found useful and stable. :-)

Kind regards
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