[Gllug] How to uninstall?

Sharon Kimble sharon63 at lineone.net
Sun Jul 25 16:38:47 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-25 at 15:12 +0100, Richard Jones wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 25, 2004 at 02:58:24PM +0100, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> > I've downloaded several programs to evaluate off the net, compiled and
> > installed, used them and then decided that I don't like them. Now I want
> > to get rid of them, i.e. uninstall them, but how please?
> > 
> > I've tried 'install clean' which didn't work, I've looked at the cli
> > options for install and that didn't help either. I know that I can just
> > delete the folder that the programs source is in but that doesn't get
> > rid of any links.
> > 
> > I know as I'd installed storix to have a look at, and then just deleted
> > its folder to get rid of it, and now everytime that I boot I can see
> > that its still looking for the storix daemon.
> The details are a little limited, but it sounds as if you installed
> from source using something similar to:
> ./configure
> make
> sudo make install

This is right except I didn't use 'sudo'.

> In this case uninstallation can be quite hard.  It make be that the
> Makefile provides an uninstall rule, in which case you could do:
> sudo make uninstall

Thank you. I knew how to do it but I couldn't remember what the command
was, but you've jogged my memory and its 'make clean' which then removes
everything, a bit like unmake instead of make :)


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