[Gllug] FW: Windows share using SMB doesn't write

Weston, Toby (ELS) T.Weston at elsevier.com
Fri Jul 2 13:02:37 UTC 2004


Bit of a newbie GNU / Linux usr and new to the list(!) but I wondered if you
guys could help please...

I've been able to access a Windows XP share from my Red Hat Fedora box using
SMB, but I can't write to the Windows disk from Linux. I get something like
"smb_open: failed error -13."

I understand this to be different than running a Samba server(?) and if I
don't bother with the credentials step in the fstab file I can't even read,
so I figure this is right. From my reading I'm confused over SMB, this is a
standard protocol right so it should be writeable (as its the Windows box
that does the actual writing), or is this completely impossible?

I followed the instructions from here

If anyone can help me read *and* write to the disk I'd much appreciate it. I
probably havn't given you much to go on but any pointers would be great!

Thanks in advance,
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