Out of Office AutoReply: [Gllug] TFL Journey Planner crashes Fire fox

Bruce Richardson itsbruce at uklinux.net
Mon Nov 1 14:25:01 UTC 2004

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 08:32:12AM +0000, Gordon wrote:
> I received a bound from GLLUG. The GLLUG list software sends bakc to 
> any dude who posts to GLLUG the "out of office" emails. This is not 
> "correct" in my book, but very useful:-)

I didn't see any autoreply message.  Are you sure the message came to
you via the list?  (This is as much a test to see if I get an autoreply
as a genuine question).


I see a mouse.  Where?  There, on the stair.  And its clumsy wooden
footwear makes it easy to trap and kill.  -- Harry Hill
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