[Gllug] Data Sources for Product Prices

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 20:09:22 UTC 2005

On Wed 06 Jul, Mike Leigh wrote:

> All this is to make the weekly / monthly shop easier and hopefully when the
> Tesco's get around to allowing API type communications I can very quickly
> fill my shopping basket or have my kitchen pc order the food for me. 
> Many thanks
> Mike

   I have not used any such ordering system, but have heard reports that
some supermarkets take care to select goods nearest to the "sell by" date
   As far as I can tell even the supermarkets themselves have trouble trying
to decide what to order, and when. It must be possible to use till data to
see that if the shelf is emptied within the first half hour from arrival in
the store then there could be a problem with the delivery rate, without
trying to determine the individual shopping habits of their customers using
"loyalty cards". I do not want to have to stock up the freezer every time I
see standard items I use regularly but are normally missing from the shelf.

Chris Bell

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