[Gllug] Flash-only laptop

Ashley Evans hoshy at hoshy.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 13:06:39 UTC 2005

Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

>Prices for flash memory seem to be coming down every week or two.  I 
>notice Scan has a 4 gig CF for 160 quid.  Insane!  So I'm thinking, how 
>long until we see flash-only laptops?  Imagine the battery life!
>So then I got thinking, how about retrofitting it into an existing 
>laptop?  How hard could it be?
>There are IDE-CF adapters.  Would they fit the laptop conectors?
>What about flash wearing?  Can you use file systems like jffs for the 
>root FS?  And do they have any impact through an IDE-CF interface?
>This is really just a thought experiment, but curious to know if it's 
I have to bow down to this. Excellent idea sir.

I guess a lot hangs on the power consumpton of the ide adaptors.


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