[Gllug] iptables and flaky ssh, ftp, vnc

Peter Grandi pg_gllug at gllug.for.sabi.co.UK
Tue Jun 21 15:37:05 UTC 2005

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>>> The problem is that when using ssh, ftp or vnc, the
>>> connection is often lost.

trmsw> [Thinkpad] <-> [Compaq, iptables] <-> [Belkin router next door]

Ah Belkin routers, some of them like mine have a number of
notorious problems, one of them is frequent disconnections.

Fortunately I have found workaround for all the most annoying
problems of the one I have got:


The particular issue and the workaround are described in the
item beginning «By default it does not keep the line up if there
is no traffic for a little while».

trmsw> That's why I think there must be something wrong with my
trmsw> iptables rules. [ ... ]

There is probably wrong with the 'iptables' rules too, they are
very very difficut to get right (and, as usual, very easy to get
wrong but ''working''). I usually recommend using a rule set
generator... But even that does not avoid the need for clear

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