Michael Jenson mirojrsc at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 16:25:04 UTC 2005

University work
I can't find what the .... is going with Acahe 1.3.33
For uni I have to use Win32 and OpenSSL0.7.9e 

Is someone's happy to receive my logs and snapshots and 
help me debug. 

For Project Management module my Project is supposed 
to have customer side `Apache 2 and customer billing 
and care and business side on Apache 1.3.33 OpenSSL 0.7.9e.

Instead of having it in C:\ I have loaded Apache 1.3.33 
next to Apache2. Would this be my problem?
Apache 1.3.33 will use PHP as well as Apache2.


I use heawily modified w2k. Like IE has been errased etc. 
SSL works fine on a single 1.3.33 but it is XP :~( 

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