[Gllug] Samba 2 co-existance with AD

Dani Pardo dani at enplater.com
Tue Jun 28 10:50:31 UTC 2005

Ken Smith wrote:
> Hi - I hope you can help with a question about Samba 2. I'm supporting a
> config where there is an old Samba 2 (RH 7) system which has been running
> fine for years. Recently the original NT4 DC has been migrated to a W2K3
> machine and the NT4 box retired.
> Now there are problems with XP SP2 machines unable to map shares. The shares
> were mapped by IP address so nmb/wins issues shouldn’t be a problem. 
> I recall there being some changes to the password authentication
> methods/algorithms from NT4 to AD and I think port 445 began to be used
> rather than 13*. 
> So the basic question - can an XP SP2 machine, which is otherwise part of an
> AD domain, map a share from a machine that would look as if it were share an
> NT4 machine that is not in the AD domain?

  If you already have an Active Directory, why don't upgrade to Samba 3 
and tell samba to autenticate agains the active directory server? 
Something like this:


  Should do the job I guess. Never tried it.

  BTW, In my company, there are several depts, and about 60 clients. And 
we're still under a workgroup. All that domain/pdc/AD stuff feels 
overcharge to me. I'm not really sure if the advantages of PDC/AC are 
worth the "pain" of maintenance.

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