[Gllug] Mail servers on FC4

Pip gl.lug at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 28 18:23:47 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 28 Jun 2005 18:09, Anthony Newman wrote:
> Oh, absolutely, but having SMTP and POP3 solutions that co-exist happily 
> (read "use the same user/authentication systems" and "store mail in 
> compatible formats") is your way to Nirvana.

Drat! I was hoping for Valhalla.

> You do need to deliver mail  
> for people to collect, after all :)

Picky, picky, picky. Some people want everything.

> It is rather *ahem* comprehensive, but well written. If you know what 
> you want to achieve it's great, but if you want a quick solution it's 
> probably not a great help initially. I'd have a play if you've got a 
> spare machine to test on, you'll soon get into it :)

I think I could probably read through it fairly quickly. It's the remembering 
of it afterwards that's a problem.
> <goto end if granny/egg-sucking Exim thoughts not required>

You can't beat a good granny-sucking egg.
> If you're after virtual "hosting", I'd say you'll first need to decide 
> on a user authentication backend for your POP3 server that exim can also 
> use to determine valid users and filesystem targets for mail delivery, 
> then probably consult the (again quite good) install documentation to 
> find out what to change in the Makefile to get the right bits compiled 
> in. (If you're feeling keen it can use LDAP, so you can tie it into a 
> common user auth framework with your Samba server....)

That would be what I'd like to move on to, but I'm starting with the 
supposedly simple idea of using htpasswd files. When that works, I'll know 
I've got something to work from. Until it does, I can't be sure just which 
part of the system is in need of a good tweaking.

> Compiling from source is probably the best bet rather than using a 
> distro package which might not have much available other than a simple 
> local mbox delivery type setup, plus you get to see what sort of 
> features are available to spur your imagination :)

I tend to need a cold shower after my imagination gets spurred. Probably not 
the best way forward.

> Then it's time to  
> find out about getting a router (of the Exim rather than the IP variety) 
> to work with your chosen auth backend so mail gets accepted/rejected as 
> required and delivered to the right place.

I thought I'd found something of that nature:

  driver = accept
  #local_part_suffix = +*
  require_files = +/var/spool/dovecot/users/${local_part}/
  transport = dovecot_transport

  driver = appendfile
  user = dovecot
  group = dovecot
  mode = 0600
  maildir_format = true
  mode_fail_narrower = false
  envelope_to_add = true
  return_path_add = true

(haven't got the url here, or I'd leave that breadcrumb for anyone hungry 
But since the whole thing isn't working completely, I'm not sure if this is 
right, or if I've got a wrong configuration somewhere else.
Thanks for the advice.

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