[Gllug] Bio visa applications may be outsourced

Christian Smith csmith at micromuse.com
Wed Jun 29 14:03:31 UTC 2005

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Rich Walker wrote:

>Nix <nix at esperi.org.uk> writes:
>> On Tue, 28 Jun 2005, Rich Walker suggested tentatively:
>>> Anyone else noticed that Mozilla is very unreliable when run on a remote
>>> machine with local display?
>> I do it all the time: no problems detected (assuming that I grok `remote
>> machine with local display' rightly: you mean that DISPLAY points to
>> your local machine, right? i.e., that from Mozilla's POV, it's
>> nonlocal?)
>Yeah. Sequence is:
>ssh -X <machine>
>mozilla www.bosch.com
>on local machine
>mozilla www.bosch.com
>no bang.
>I think it's plug-in related.

FWIW, I've had few problems with remote Mozilla from Solaris and Linux
with some random stability issues on HP-UX. This was with Mozilla 1.7.2
and GTK1. YMMV.

Try starting a local mozilla with DISPLAY set to the long form including
hostname, forcing mozilla to run with a "remote" TCP X connection to the
local machine. That way, you can rule out if it's a problem with the
remoteness or some other configuration on the remote machine.

>cheers, Rich.

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