[Gllug] MP3-CDs

Joel Bernstein joel at fysh.org
Tue Jun 21 14:16:00 UTC 2005

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 03:12:47PM +0100, Robert Bannocks wrote:
> >>/ Hi all,
> >/>/ 
> >/>/ Can anyone tell me how I burn and MP3-CD under linix.  By MP3-CD mean 
> >a />/ CD-R disk
> >/>/ with a format that works in my new portable CD payer which supports 
> >"MP3 />/ Playback" (from
> >/>/ a CD disk).  Quite a bit of googling has just confused me.  Most sites 
> >/>/ seem to suggest converting
> >/>/ the MP3s into a standard audio CD.  This is not what I want as the MP3 
> >/>/ play back seems to support
> >/>/ mutiple albums on one physical CD.
> >/
> >Create an ISO9660 filesystem containing the MP3s, and burn that to the
> >disk in DAO mode.
> >
> >mkisofs -JR /path/to/MP3s | cdrecord -v fs=6m dev=XX,XX -
> >where XX,XX is the scsi id of your cd writer.
> >
> >/joel
> Thanks, - I take it the directory will become the album name?

I wouldn't assume that at all. If you're lucky the player will read
track metadata from the ID3 tags.

> Is there any significance to the nameing of the files?

Uh... Depends on your player software. RTFM.

...unless you mean that as a general question...

> How do I control the order in which the player will play them by default?

Again, RTFM for your specific player. You may find that it plays 0-9
first, then A-Z, or it may play directories first or playlist files or
.... - find out what you intend to play them with and read its
documentation. Or just burn a CD and find out.


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