[Gllug] Recommended ssh windows client

Steve Nelson sanelson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 09:30:39 UTC 2006

On 4/28/06, Henrik Morsing <henrik at morsing.cc> wrote:

> So my question is what people use as their favorite ssh client on windows?
> I'm looking for near xterm flexibility and features.

As per earlier thread, I use Hummingbird Exceed, then putty to ssh to
a Unix machine, tunnelling X, and then run YWMOC and xterm.

I've not experienced any problems with window resizing or copy and
pasting with this setup, and I run Exceed in full screen, so I don't
even notice that my workstation is Windows at all.

Performance is satisfactory - no noticable lag.

I'm sure you could do the same with Cygwin, or Martin Brooks mentioned
something he used that wasn't Cygwin the other day too.

Good luck!

> Henrik Morsing

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