[Gllug] deborphan - to delete not used libaries

Franz Timmer ftimmer at ftimmer.in-berlin.de
Wed Apr 5 15:57:20 UTC 2006


for all debian users, (especially for the unstable / sid version)

I have find "deborphan" a small program, who delete all not used
libaries from the system. 
df -h                       # you see the free space 
                            # on every partition
apt-get install deborphan   # for installation the program
deborphan                   # it prints not used libaries on the screen
apt-get remove $(deborphan) 
#apt-get remove `deborphan` # it's the same 
                            # delete all not used libaries
                            # execute it, until there is no
                            # libary to delete
apt-get clean               # don't forget this, it remove all
                            # deb-pakages in /var/cache/apt/archive
dh -h                       # you see more free space

good luck
Franz Timmer

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