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ccooke ccooke-gllug at gkhs.net
Wed Jan 11 14:28:17 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 12:28:39PM +0000, Nix wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jan 2006, Bruce Richardson yowled:
> > Actually, that is not a reassuring statement.  What I described was a
> > little more than the ability to compile a kernel.  People who assume
> > that this is enough are a real problem.  Managing production systems is
> > about more than basic technical ability.
> Indeed. The signs of a first-rank sysadmin are three, I think:
> - ability to work with others (at least other sysadmins ;) )
> - the aforementioned technical ability (Larry Wall's `laziness',
>   too; it doesn't matter if you've got technical ability if you
>   never use it to automate anything)
> - paranoia! Assume everything will go wrong. Hunt ceaselessly
>   for points of failure and plug them. Assume everything is your
>   enemy and is out to get you.
> These are pretty much the same skills you need to be a first-rank
> programmer, although that has more skills as well (the ability to
> abstract and generalize, for starters).

A good sysadmin (or at the very least, a good sysadmin *team*) needs to
have those skills, too - they're just used on a different scale. A lot
of the work in my jobs has involved designing and building networks of
servers for particular loads, for instance. Just like programming, it
all comes down to elegant plumbing ;-)

To be properly lazy, you need to be a good programmer, as well -
otherwise, you just can't automate things properly.  There is, however,
a big difference between applications and systems coding - I've known 
many first-rank programmers who just couldn't get their priorities 
straight for systems programming (and many sysadmins who get bogged down
in systems stuff when doing application coding).  It's mostly a mindset 
thing - which area you concentrate on.
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