[Gllug] Server supplier for Linux mail server

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 00:21:03 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-17 at 17:27 +0100, - Tethys wrote:

> We're using SATA drives, although with the number of failures we've
> had, I'd be sorely tempted to go for SCSI were I to build another one.
> Maybe it's an urban myth that SCSI drives are more reliable (or even,
> different at all), but it seems to be the case in my experence. YMMV.

I've always felt that the initial failure rate on IDE/SATA drives was
very high. SCSI seems to me to be better - haven't yet used enough SAS
drives to have a view, but I'd expect the to be decent.


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