[Gllug] I have a windows problem

Tom Schutzer-Weissmann trmsw at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 1 14:25:01 UTC 2006

--- will <will at willj.net> wrote:

> I suspect this is a problem with XP as XP still
> won't boot normally 
> after restarting the host machine.  Any ideas on how
> to fix this?

I don´t see how you can expect the thing to work in
vmware if it won´t even boot natively. Perhaps
"fixmbr" will help (it´ll clobber grub, but a linux
boot cd will let you get it back).

In my experience having /boot unmounted and changing
the disk geometry in the .vmdk file were sufficient
and necessary.

There are two files, C:\WINDOWS\system32\wpa.*  that
tie the Windows activation key to your particular
hardware. I advise you to mount the windows partition
from linux and copy them somewhere.
Once windows is running in vmware :), the hardware
changes and you might have to reactivate (this is a
PITA and only possible the first few times). Before
you run Windows outside vmware again, copy the vmware
versions of wpa.*. 

Now "all" you need to do is copy the appropriate wpa
files to the system32 directory before starting up
windows. I use captive-ntfs and so far so good.

Good luck.
Tom SW

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