[Gllug] Re: xorg.conf for widescren lcd tv

Minty mintywalker at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 22:07:18 UTC 2006

On 7/4/06, Minty <mintywalker at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone had any success getting a widescreen signal via VGA to a
> widescreen lcd tv?

Thanks for all the help and suggestions - I'll give them a try.

> From: Ryland, Peter
> The problem is probably that X can't get EDID info from your TV so it
> doesn't know what aspect ratio the display is.

I'd be most interested if anyone could expand on this a little.  Like,
Which xorg.conf settings could I tweak that might help?  I am well
aware this might be a stupid ass question.

Given I can get it working correctly on an Apple (see below), is there
any way I can get the correct settings out of OSX somehow?

> From: salsaman
> One thing I've not tried on this which might work is a xinerama
> configuration

I believe the xinerama stuff is indeed what comes with (K)ubuntu.  I
can certainly get different resolutions on the TV and laptop (and
ditto with an LCD monitor - the ones I've tried work a charm - dual
desktop, draggy droppy between both is sweet.  Laptop is at 1366x768,
and the monitor/TVs are at 800x600 or some other 4:3 res).

I just can't get the linux box to power the TV at 1366x768 res.

I got the right cable today that let me plug a Macbook DVI into the TV
VGA, and that worked a charm.  Not only did the apple get the 1366x768
resolution correct, without having to click a single thing, it even
knew it was a Sony TV!

HTF is it able to tell it's a sony tv via a VGA socket (converted to
DVI on the laptop end, but still)?

Thus I think I can conclude that the TV *is* able to take a 1366x768
res signal via the VGA socket, which only leaves finding the right
settings for xorg.conf.  *shudder*

Or possibly that the laptop video card can't power an external monitor
at that resolution, even though it can do it for it's own screen?
That makes no sense tho, right?

I'm also going to give a Dapper Drake live DVD a try and see if that
cannot just figure it out for me :)
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