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Subject: [lives-video] LiVES 0.9.6 released !
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Date:    Fri, July 21, 2006 21:04
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Hi all,
I have just released LiVES 0.9.6, which has a host of new features !


3a80f57832479d76772ca900a565b6cb  LiVES-0.9.6.tar.bz2
6cc0a22b64adee0249fd4014d185b273  LiVES-0.9.6.tar.gz

Release note:
The menu option VJ/Reload Set has been moved to File/Reload Set
The menu option VJ/Save VJ Set has been removed. You can now simply do
File/Quit, and you will be prompted to save the clip set.


Here is a summary of the new features since 0.9.6-pre4:

Added drag'n'drop in the multitrack window.
- In the multitrack window, you can now drag clips from the top area
and drop them onto the timeline. You can also move clips around the
timeline by left clicking and holding.

Snap on/off
- In the multitrack window, there is a "snap" option in the top
toolbar. If this is set to "on", inserted and moved clips will be
pushed as far left as possible. If a block is deleted, then the gap
will close.

Mouse mode: select
- The multitrack window now has two cursor modes: move and select. In
select a mode, a combination of time and tracks can be selected.
Selections can be used for "remove all gaps" and "remove first gaps",
and in future for transitions and compositors.

Double click on clip opens it in clip editor
- In the multitrack window, double clicking on a clip will open that
clip in the Clip Editor.

Prompt to save layout on multitrack exit.
- When leaving the multitrack window, you will be prompted to save the
current layout, or to discard it. This warning can be turned off if

Add multi-level "undo"/"redo" in multitrack window.
- Multitrack window now has a multilevel undo/redo buffer. The buffer
size can be set in Preferences.

Multitrack preferences : prompt for encoder or use a default
Multitrack preferences : memory for undo/redo
Multitrack preferences : return to clip editor after rendering
- the above preferences have been added, in the new Multitrack/Render tab.

Split block(s)
- In the multitrack window, a single block can be split by right
clicking or from the menu. If multiple tracks are selected, then all
of the selected tracks can be split.

Toggle for "Move effects with blocks"
- Controls whether effects are moved with blocks or not in the
multitrack window. If a block has been split, then it may not always
be possible to move the effects as desired.

Select to end time
Select from zero time
- Two new selection options have been added in the Multitrack window.

Prompt to save clip set on exit
- This replaces the old VJ/Save Set and Exit.

Move reload set
- VJ/Reload set has been moved to File/Reload Clip Set

Add File/Close all clips
- All clips can now be closed from the File menu. You will be asked if
you want to save as a clip set, or discard them.

Export/Import Project
- A Project is a set of clips and associated layouts. Projects can now
be exported from LiVES, and re-imported.

Add lives-dvgrab
- Import from Firewire has been changed, with a new interface which
allows shuttle control of the camera. Multiple clips can be grabbed
for later loading into LiVES.
- LiVES also has the ability to import from hdv cameras (needs testing).

If jack is present on first startup, it will be set as default audio
- This is a convenience for new users.

Fix regression with saving/loading effect defaults.
- Load/Save realtime effect defaults is working again.

Add "auto" audio listener for libvisual plugins.
- By default, libvisual plugins now use the "auto" listener, which
should prevent crashes when LiVES is switched to from Jack.

Fixed a regression in libvisual
- libvisual plugin was broken for a while. This has now been fixed.
libvisual 0.4.0 is now certified to work with LiVES.

Enjoy !
Gabriel (salsaman).

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