[Gllug] Linux-supported CF card readers

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 21:43:12 UTC 2006

Adrian McMenamin wrote:
>> I have a truly ancient Sitecom CN-300 which has always worked with 
>> Mandrake, can't remember when I bought it but it has to be 4 years at least.
> I thought about this last night and I think it was probably about 4 (and
> not 2) years ago that I last investigated. Certainly before the release
> of 2.6.0 - so at least three years.
> Must just conclude 2.6.x support much better than 2.4.x

I bought an early one about 4 years ago and had problems. I think many
of them then presented themselves as custom USB devices and included
Windows drivers. Since then, manufacturers have figured out that it's
much cheaper to present them as USB mass storage and piggyback on the
driver support built into the OS - that way they get Linux and Mac
compatibility for free. I haven't seen one that doesn't work for a long
time now.


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