[Gllug] desktop distro with "will just work" 54g support

michael norman michaeltnorman at ukfsn.org
Sun Jul 9 12:09:48 UTC 2006

On Sunday 09 July 2006 12:16, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> Hi
> A friend of mine, who is in no way technically minded, has asked me to
> suggest a desktop linux distro that will "just work" with his notebook.
> Most of the clicky distros will suit him, but I'm wondering which would
> make his built-in broadcom 54g wireless NIC work without any fiddling.
> Any suggestions for such a distro?
> Thanks
> Mart.
I don't have that card but I'll have a guess at Ubuntu or Kubuntu which I've 
just been trying on my other box which has a Railink pci card which is not 
easy to set up in SUSE 10.1 (my preferred distro).  I just went into the set 
up (in Kubuntu) for wireless and clicked a couple of boxes and it works.

By reputation SimplyMepis and Xandros set up most stuff out of the box. I've 
not tried either.

The simplest thing for him to do is probably to get hold of a live cd or three 
and see what works.

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