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John Edwards john at cornerstonelinux.co.uk
Sat Jul 22 14:31:22 UTC 2006

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 02:12:29PM +0000, andrew-li at black1.org.uk wrote:
> I am using Knoppix 3.6 as a rescue disc for a failed machine and 
> have some questions
>  - is there a better dist/disk available. I find the knopix seems 
>    to load everything but the kitchen sink (eg apache, mysql)

While it has a lot of things available on the disk, I've not seen 
Knoppix start daemons like apache and mysql by default.

I find most of the boot time is spent detecting hardware and then 
loading the GUI. You could try running "knoppix 2" to boot quickly 
to four consoles without X.

>  - can any disk write to NTFS partitions

You have several alternatives:

1) The ntfsprogs package is part of Debian and Ubuntu, and so even 
if it's not on Knoppix it shouldn't be too hard to get running. It's 
userspace and does not really give true write access to a mounted 
filesystem, and also has problems such as creating new files.

2) Try the newer beta NTFS userspace driver that aims to do a 
real read/write mount:

3) Use DOS and NTFS Pro from Sysinternal:

4) Carry a spare hard drive with a minimal install of Windows.

5) Throw a half brick wrapped in a banner that says "I hate propriety 
filesystems" through the window of the nearest Microsoft office.

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