[Gllug] Getting Microsoft off a Dell purchase - anyone done this?

Richard Turner richard at zygous.co.uk
Wed Jul 5 20:07:16 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 18:49 +0100, M.Blackmore wrote:
> Getting Microsoft off a Dell purchase - anyone done this?
> Any one had any luck getting a Dell out of Michael of that ilk WITHOUT
> the Microsnot crap upon it? I've a legit untied copy of XP Pro doing
> nowt if I want to dual boot it (haven't had windows running for a couple
> of months now, and then only to pull some old wordprocessing files out
> of an old wp format) and probably don't want to install that anyway.
> HOW do I get them to take more dosh off? Its XP Home, which I consider
> even more useless than Pro. I installed Pro a few months ago for the
> first time in a few years, and thought it was dire, and the installation
> process was an utter pain in driver hell etc.
> Any tips or precedents anyone know of?

I'm pretty certain that Dell can't do this - they have an OEM deal with
Microsoft so they can't sell PCs without Windows pre-installed: it'd
breach their contract with MS.

Isn't this how Microsoft came into its supremacy in the first place?


"Racing turtles, the grapefruit is winning..."

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