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>It is a long time since I have looked at this - do anyone have any 
>solutions they would recommend.
>I want to be able to receive the odd fax (1 or 2 a month) in a PDF or 
>bitmap format.  I would prefer to receive them in email, or get an email 
>to say there is something waiting on a server.
>Why? I have a friend who needs to send me graphic data + text.  He has 
>trouble sending attachments and uploading to websites - mutterings about 
>old PC virus checkers and old version of AOL software.  I am not getting 
>involved. He does have a fax machine.
>So if I receive faxes on an occasional basis that would be great.
>Any other solutions to the underlying problem would be great.


I had the same requirement and although I use asterisk and could have bolted fax into it, it seemed much easier to use the free fax service I found online,  you get your own phone number to receive faxes on which are recorded as tiff and emailed, you can have PDF at a cost but tiff is fine and unless your receiving huge multi page documents by fax tiff seems small enough.


Only downside is that you have to receive one fax every 90 days I think to keep the service running,  see the website for more details.


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