[Gllug] GLLUG Newsletter - 24/06/06

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1. GLLUG Meeting today
2. July Meeting
3. Future Speakers

1. _GLLUG Meeting today_

Just a note of thanks to our speakers today - Dave Cross, George
Wright, Huw Lynes, Richard Cottrill and Alex Sayle.

All of the presentations were excellent and we had a turnout of around
30 - 40 people which on a hot summers day was very good. There is a
review of the meeting and photos on the GLLUG website and all of the
speakers kindly agreed to make their presentation notes available.
When I have them all I'll post them to the website also.

Thanks to Dean Wilson and Sean Tohill for their help with organising
the meeting.

2. _July Meeting_

There will be no technical meeting in July due to the GLLUG trip to
Bletchley Park on the 9th and LUG Radio Live on the 22nd. If an
interesting speaker happens to be in London at short notice and agrees
to speak there is a slight possibility but the next scheduled event
will be in early August. This event will be announced on the mailing

3. _Future Speakers_

If you would like to present a talk at a GLLUG meeting please let the
admin team know. You could present a talk on anything that is related
to Linux, Technology or Free Software and you are guaranteed a
friendly audience and some beer for your troubles :-) We need speakers
for events running up to the end of this year.


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