[Gllug] I is back

Gerard van Schip gerard at eccosys.net
Fri Jun 16 14:09:06 UTC 2006

Yup. Been almost a year now that this Mac boy converted to Linux and
still with it ^_^

Which brings me to the reason of this post. I have a wireless problem
with my Thinkpad X24 running SUSE (Kubuntu was fine).

When I first install the Wireless driver will work, I can see all the
routers under wireless inside the applet. Once I reboot the machine the
wireless card ends up under wired connections and no longer works.

Tried to load the various drivers via modprobe. Deleted config files and
re-created them but no show.

Anyone out there who could help me out? I'll buy you a few beers at the
next GLLUG!!!

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