[Gllug] DNS Question

Kurt Goodliff kurt at lokdar.co.uk
Tue Jun 27 07:20:29 UTC 2006

Andy Farnsworth wrote:

> I am trying to get my hosting provider to add a pair of entries to my 
> DNS profile which would match as follows.
>    class.stonedoor.com
>    home.stonedoor.com
> They have done this before for another server of mine, however, now 
> they claim that since my domain is registered via Network Solutions 
> they cannot add entries to my domain.  Now, use my ISP them for DNS as 
> shown clearly in a whois.
>   Domain Name: STONEDOOR.COM
>   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
>      Farnsworth, Andy          farnsaw[ a t ]STONEDOOR.COM
>      Farnsworth Consulting
>      US
>      (XXX) XXX-XXXX
>   Record expires on 08-Jun-2014.
>   Record created on 08-Jun-1999.
>   Database last updated on 24-Jun-2006 04:57:02 EDT.
>   Domain servers in listed order:
>   NS.WEB2010.COM     
>   NS2.WEB2010.COM    
>   NS4.WEB2010.COM    
>   NS3.WEB2010.COM    
> Am I wrong in thinking that my ISP has control of the DNS even though 
> they claim they don't?  Is there a way to get the entire entry 
> information for a domain from a DNS server remotely?
> Andy Farnsworth
Hi Andy

Sorry if this has already been said but I'm still an hour away from my 

If you'd like to host your records with your ISP then you'd need to 
change the name servers to point to thiers. (or get your ISP to remove 
the records from thier nameservers and keep the records with network 
solutions, which ever is easier)

   Domain servers in listed order:


These should display your ISP's nameservers the only way to do this 
looks to by contacting networksolutions and requesting the change. The 
reason you are seeing them as changed already is most likely because 
your ISP has already added the records to thier nameservers and your 
using thier servers to resolve. Try doing the whois from a different 
connection and you'll see the correct result or use dig as described by 

Hope this helps and that I haven't just repeated what someone else has said.



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