[Gllug] A Challenge!

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Thu Jun 8 16:14:33 UTC 2006


I've been thinking recently about the amount of cross-community  
in London, and I'd like it to increase, so ....

(warning: there may be tongue in cheek trolling/baiting in the next bit)

As a representative of London.pm I'd like to challenge you foolish  
grunts to a pub quiz against London.pm, yes thats right for one evening
you can pretend to be on a equal footing to your superiors, programmers!

	When:		Thursday 20th July (i picked this randomly)
	Where:		TBD, but it will be a pub
	How much:	There may be a small charge from the pub, but i'll
			try and make sure some of it goes to charity if
			that happens.
	Who wins:	Us of course, please keep up ;-).

I'd guess there will be a couple of teams of approx. 4 from both  
sides and we
will have some geekish scoring system to figure out who wins. I'd  
like to grab
a non-perlish GLLUG member who works at Fotango[1] to help me set the  
so it's fair.

Comments? Interest? French like surrender?[2]


[1] I work there as well, so it makes sense for me to sit down over a
     few lunches to agree the questions.
[2] I hope this is all received in the fun way it is intended.
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