[Gllug] London laptop recommendations

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Tue Jun 5 00:18:59 UTC 2007


Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> Thinkpad X60/X61 should cover all those except the trackpad, I think. My 
>   X40 certainly does, and I'm pretty sure the X60/X61 has support that's 

Basically any of the Thinkpads (perhaps less so now lenovo are bringing
out new models, but the older ones are still available) will work
extremely well with *buntu.

> as good. They also have Intel graphics and Intel wireless if you get the 
> right model, so no messing around with binary only drivers.

The newer ones use a binary userspace daemon to control the radio.
Hardly the end of the world though, even if it is a bit daft.

As to buying laptops...

I would suggest a wander down Tottenham Court Road. Not only are there
lots of shops selling laptops there, at least some of them have heard of
Linux. I've been able to pull wireless cards out of boxes before to
inspect the exact hardware revision :)
I'm not sure what they will say to you booting some random CD-R, but if
you have an official Kubuntu CD they might be more willing.
If not, jot down the models that look interesting and cost the right
amount, then check them out on linux-laptop.net and the Ubuntu laptop
testing wiki.

For bonus points, Shatronics on TCR is an authorised IBM/Lenovo dealer
and has excellent stock (I walked in unannounced and bought exactly the
specification of X40 I wanted, on the spot).

Chris Jones
  cmsj at tenshu.net
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