[Gllug] Microsoft was distributing Ubuntu

Peter Childs peterachilds at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 07:17:30 UTC 2007

The real problem is that linux is still only getting there in some important
key areas. Mostly desktop stuff. And mostly because we impose a high entry
point for beginners. If the only think microsoft has done right is to keep
in simple then that is a good thing.
True is does not always work and has is quite difficult to put right when it
does not just work. But most of the time is does.

Point two Microsoft is the only provider is certain key areas.

1. Games (Yes there are Linux and OSX Games but not in great numbers)
2. Presentation Software. (nothing competes with Powerpoint unfortunately)

We are getting there slowly in a lot of other areas but this has only
happened recently some of it within the last year....

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