[Gllug] Lonix - London Linux User Group (June Meeting)

Gary 07763336829 gpownall at lonix.org.uk
Fri Jun 8 11:36:19 UTC 2007

Hi ,

Here are the details of the next meeting for Lonix,

Date:  Wednesday 13 Jun 2007 
Time:  6pm onwards
Place: The Fitzroy Tavern, 16 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NA
Map: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=W1T+2NA&spn=0.005,0.02&hl=en 
Nearest Tube:  Goodge Street 
Phone: 07763336829

* Next Meeting
* UKUUG LinuxConf Europe

This time we're heading out to possibly one of the best Sam Smith pubs in London. Excellent busy atmosphere on week nights,  an impressive array of real ales and wines from around the world, to help the night fly by. My personal Favourite is a large glass of their Spanish red.

The plan is to go to a Thai Buffet which is a minute's walk from the pub, at around 9pm.

Again all things Linux and open source and I dare say the Mac OSX will probably have it's virtues extolled from certain quarters.  And let us gasp in amazement at Dell computers shipping pc's with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed for those that want an alternative (and why wouldn't they)  to a certain OS from Seattle.



* UKUUG LinuxConf Europe

LinuxConf Europe is a new conference for linux developers organised as a
collaboration between the UK Unix User Group and the German Unix User Group.

It will take place at the University Arms Hotel in Cambridge from Sunday 2nd
September to Tuesday 4th September 2007, immediately preceding the
invitation-only Kernel Summit (organised by USENIX) at the same venue.
LinuxConf Europe will consist of two or more streams of talks and tutorials
alongside a small exhibition.                 

We invite speakers on any aspect of Linux development and use. The programme
aims to cover a variety of topics, including kernel and desktop development,
tools, applications, networking, security, performance and case-studies of
linux deployments. Any topic likely to be of interest to Linux developers
enthusiasts will be considered.

The call for papers is now available at:


Gary 07763336829

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