[Gllug] In search of hosting provider accepting POs

Juergen.Schinker ba1020 at homie.homelinux.net
Thu Jun 14 10:17:15 UTC 2007

Gundemarie Scholz schrieb:
> Good morning!
> For work I am looking into the options for finding a hosting provider
> that accepts purchase orders. Actually we do all the hosting ourselves,
> but we want the DNS with the provider, and we want to edit DNS entries
> ourselves. We are currently with Amenworld, but unfortunately they don't
> do purchase orders, and as the contract is up for renewal we might as
> well look into changing providers.
> Does anybody have recommendations?
> Regards,
> Gunde

I would set up a split-horizont DNS-Server (Bind)

and make Zonetransfers to the Providers DNS-Server..

i don't know which provider offers that
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