[Gllug] (OT) The chase for Epson printer drivers

Don Williams don at rose963.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 12:52:05 UTC 2007

Hi - I had decided, after installing Debian 4 (KDE) and discovering a laxity 
of HP's "LIP" Linux driver set-up, to change printers to the 
other "recommended" supplier - Epson.
	OK, much more searching. To come across the basic problem: that new printers 
are on sale long before Linux drivers (of any source) for them become 
available - also that most Linux drivers available appear to be for old, 
discontinued printers. But some (HP and Epson) printers, I was informed, were 
almost generically provided for.
	Anyway, after here and there, including the Epson website, it seemed the 
simple, cheap, and available Epson D78 had a provided driver - so I bought 
the printer.
	Once home, the printer-installing part of the KDE Control Centre showed only 
drivers for the D68 and D88 printers and not for the D78. Back to the Epson 
website and, lo and behold, it told me of the AVASYS website where lay the 
driver I needed. Yep - it actually said "Linux driver for the D78"! So I 
downloaded that zipped file.
	Unzipping showed it was an rpm file (not deb).
	OK, I recalled using alien to "fix" a file once, so I installed that, but 
sadly alien -d doesn't see the pips-3.0.1.src.rpm file.
	I think that all I want to do is install this driver. But how do I? Any 
advice/comment would be gratefully acknowledged ...
	Don Williams	
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