[Gllug] apt/dpkg woes

Matthew King matthew.king at monnsta.net
Wed Jun 27 15:01:10 UTC 2007

Chris Jones <cmsj at tenshu.net> writes:

F> Hi
> Pete Ryland wrote:
>> I would have thought that it either didn't exist or wasn't "chmod +x".
> I doubt "didn't exist", I would think dpkg would spit out a more useful
> error in that case (or more likely, no error at all, since packages
> aren't required to have the pre/post scripts, aiui).

Indiid. If a package is misbehaving standard fare, for me at least, is
to remove the {post,pre}rm files before purging and do any of their
necessary functions myself.

This is probably why my main box deteriorates over time.


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