[Gllug] [VACANCY] SQL Developer

Richard Huxton dev at archonet.com
Thu Jun 7 09:34:36 UTC 2007

Peter Childs wrote:
>> We have been experimenting with SQL porting scripts, and I have some
>> example code I can show.  We anticipate that the task will make heavy
>> use of self joins, group bys, and stored functions and procedures.
>> The successful candidate will be pairing with an experienced
>> developer, but providing the SQL expertise.  There will be room for
>> the candidate to work with us again in the future, if the candidate
>> impresses.
>> If you're interested, drop me a note off-list.
> Why MySql? Why not use a database which does not have Massive database
> corruption problems no referential interrogatory.  MySql may have come a
> long way but it is nothing short of a quick and dirty solution. I can 
> find a
> list a mile long of reasons not to use MySql...
> Unfortunately I'm yet to find a reason to use it. (except maybe "Because
> everyone else does" which just does not work for me :).

To be fair, it's come a long way. Of course, it still lets you shoot 
yourself in the foot to allow backward compatibility, but you do at 
least have the option of doing things properly in many cases now.

I'm not sure I'd ever choose it over PostgreSQL, but in cases where an 
application requires it or performance isn't an issue it's much improved 
over the 3.xx versions.

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd
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