[Gllug] V-OT London laptop recommendations

James Roberts jr at stabilys.com
Wed Jun 6 18:48:24 UTC 2007

Ah! The problem I for native German-speakers thought always was, the 
tendency to make a construction of a really long sentence with the verb 
somewhere right out at the end coming.

Many years ago when I briefly in Berlin had lived, this clichéd theory I 
to test wished, but unfortunately everyone I ever in Berlin met only 
English ever wished to try.


This led to practicing many short English phrases, the most common being 
'Let's Party!!'

(raises cup to the old days and Milton Irons of Creative Danz Studio)

and has no one heard of eecummings? He's moderately literate...




Gundemarie Scholz wrote:
> Martin A. Brooks wrote:
>> Juergen.Schinker wrote:
>>> good link
>>> they even deliver for free in uk
>>> actually i like their mythtv box
>>> 400 pound and everything configured with remote etc
>> Are complete sentences illegal where you live? :)
> Probably overcompensating to us German native speakers having a tendency
> to construct long and convoluted sentences with lots of sub-phrases, at
> least according to the cliché, although I might be wrong assuming
> Juergen is of German origin even though his name suggests it.
> I actually see several complete sentences, just the punctuation and
> capital letters missing. I throw in these to make up for it, to be added
> at your convenience:
> [SHIFT] s!..:
> Regards,
> Gunde
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