[Gllug] OT: Best broadband here?

paul at ma1.se paul at ma1.se
Thu Jun 7 16:23:04 UTC 2007

Jason Clifford wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2007, - Tethys wrote:
>> The absence of a FUP doesn't mean that the ISP isn't traffic shaping,
>> though. I'm sure there are some that don't. But all that means is that
>> they haven't yet reached capacity. When they do, *something* has to
>> give, and traffic shaping is the obvious solution to the problem.
> There is another obvious solution - get in additional capacity. This is 
> what the wholesale supplier I use does. They have increased capacity 500% 
> in the past 12 months.
> Jason

Indeed, and if its Enta you are referring to, you can check the capacity 
on their BT Centrals.



Paul Lee
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