[Gllug] Exim4 serving Windoze boxes

Ryan Cartwright ryan at crimperman.org
Sat Jun 30 08:03:22 UTC 2007

t.clarke wrote:
> Anyone here using Exim to serve as a mail front-end for Windoze boxes?
> Whats yr preferred POP3 daemon to go with it?

Our Windows clients (Outlook) get POP3 mail from our SuSE server running
Exim and Courier.
I'm not saying Courier is necessarily a choice made of years of trying
different ones but it certainly works for us.

> (I have a friend who wants to run his own mailserver - I suggested using an
> 'old' box and sticking Debian within Exim plus a POP3 daemon on it).

sounds like a good idea

> Never used pop3 myself (our Exim box smtp's straight through to a SCO box),
> but I assume its more or less a case of getting Exim to just shove all incoming
> mail in local users mailboxes  and then them collecting them on their Windoze
> boxes using Thunderbird/Outlook/Whatever via pop3.

Pretty much but if/as your user-base grows you may find it a pain to
manage all those local users on the server. We use a MySQL db backend
for virtual users which helps no end.

Ryan Cartwright
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