[Gllug] Freeview

yane at sdf-eu.org yane at sdf-eu.org
Wed Jun 13 08:41:13 UTC 2007

> There never was any competition in Cable TV and 'net connection, and now
> we're saddled with Virgin - they've inherited everything bad from NTL
> and Telewest, and added nothing good.  Their "service" is generally
> appalling and getting worse, but if you're in some parts of London,
> there's nowhere else to go - there are swathes of North London that
> can't really supply ADSL (no matter what you're told by BT).

I have been very impressed with Virgin's ability to be worse at cable 
than NTL.  The TV signal pixelates every few minutes, and they have just 
'upgraded' the on-demand service and made it absolutely unusable.

We are considering moving to Sky - anyoyone have any experience of that?


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